Excavation Services

Excavation Services & Site clean up

We can provide services for the following job requirements

  • Detention pits.
  • Site preparation, levelling and land clearing.
  • Hammer to deal with concrete, rock and sandstone.
  • Grab bucket for loading green waste / timber waste into our trucks or skip bins.
  • Demolition of driveways.
  • digging of Footings and foundations.
  • Allocate sewers for repair for new and old work.
  • Digging of Plumbing and electrical trenches.

  • We have Expertise In -

  • Tight Access Excavation
  • Excavation Melbourne
  • 1.7 tonne excavator
  • Kanga Digger excavator
  • Melbourne Site Excavation
  • Site Preparation and excavation
  • Digging plumbing trenches
  • Site footings
  • Site Clean up


    J & J services Excavations can provide site excavation services for any site, and especially can look after ALL your tight access excavation needs. We take pride in all our Narrow and difficult access work with our two Excavators that suit your projects needs. We have expertise in Tight Access Excavation, Site preparation and Excavation, 1.7 tonne excavator, Bobcat, Kanga Digger excavator, Melbourne Site Excavation and Site Clean up.

    1. 1.7 excavator - The overall weight of our excavator is 1700 Kg which includes the driver. The overall height is 2330 mm. The canopy can be taken off for those tight access jobs. It has a digging depth off 2030 mm

    The tracks can expand out from 990 mm to 1300 mm for more stability. Excavators comes with 200 mm, 300 mm, 450mm and a 900 mm mud bucket.

    2. Kanga loader - bobcat 1200 wide.

    Specialising in difficult sites with narrow and confined space.

    J & J Excavations supplies a qualified experienced driver to operate their excavators.

    Our 1.7 tonne Excavator is fully registered with the RMS and is able to work in public areas as well on private property. Please call for our best rates.

    If you would like to know any other information regarding our Excavator Hire Melbourne please call. Conditions apply. J & J services Excavations are able to service all areas within a 50 km radius from Melbourne CBD.

    We also take care with all your Rubbish removal and Bobcat work.

    Accredited in the Earthmoving industry Australia

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